Jubilee event to be held for People's Artist of the Republic of Tatartsan Saniya Kayumova at the Tatar State Theatre Ekiyat


June 5, Evening with People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Saniya  Kayumova,   dedicated to the 60th anniversary and 35 years of creative activity  to be held at the Tatar State Theatre  Ekiyat.

Enormous capacity for work , a multi-faceted talent and boundless devotion to her  profession have raised  her in  leading actors of the theater. Muppet l comes   easily  to life in her  hands of the actress. Each role   by S.Kayumova - this art sketch, created   by  the finest strokes and patterns. Over 35 years on stage Sania Kayumova played more than 60 roles . The most memorable and favorite  by  actress and the audience - Thumbelina - on the fairy tale  by   G.H.  Andersen's,  Little Robber - "Snow Queen"   by  Hans Christian Andersen,  play by  E.Shvarts , Masha - " Geese - swans " staging  by   L.Kozhevnikov,  Cheburashka - "The Adventures of Cheburashka"   by  E.Uspensky , Mukha - " Mukha  tsokotuha "  by K.Chukovsky,  Vasilisa - " The Frog Princess "   by  N.Gernet , Alenka - "The Scarlet Flower " by S.Aksakov,  Hilda Bok - "The Kid Carlson "  by Astrid Lindgren , Klarchen - " The Nutcracker " and other by  E.T.A.Gofman. At these performances  more than one generation of young viewers  has grown. Every time she went on stage and picking up a puppet , the  actress really gives her  whole soul to  small audience , drawing them into the wonderful world of puppetry .